Thirsk-Feinstein PhD Dissertation Prize Winners

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Prizes have been awarded to:

  • 2020: Robin Adams (University of Oxford), 'Shadow of a Taxman: how, and by whom, was the Republican Government financed in the Irish War of Independence (1919-1921)?'
  • 2019: Volha Lazuka (Lund University), ‘Defeating disease: The lasting effects of public health and medical breakthroughs between 1880 and 1945 on health and income in Sweden’. 
  • 2018: Corinne Boter (Wageningen University) 'Women’s work, structural change, and household living standards in the Netherlands, 1830-1914'.
  • 2017: Charles Read (University of Cambridge) 'British economic policy and Ireland c.1841-53'.
  • 2016: Pim de Zwart (Wageningen University) 'Globalization and the colonial origins of the Great Divergence: intercontinental trade and living standards in the Dutch East India Company’s commercial empire, c.1600-1800'.
  • 2015: Duncan Needham (University of Cambridge) 'UK monetary policy from devaluation to Mrs Thatcher'. 
  • 2014: Luciana Quaranta (Lund University) 'Scarred for life. How conditions in early life affect socioeconomic status, reproduction and mortality in Southern Sweden, 1813-68'.
  • 2013: Dr Sean Bottomley (University of Cambridge), 'The British patent system during the industrial revolution, 1700-1852'.
  • 2012: Dr Peter Koudijs (Stanford University), 'Trading and financial market efficiency in 18th-century Holland'.
  • 2011: Dr Leigh Gardner (University of Oxford), 'Making an Empire pay for itself: taxation and government expenditure in Kenya and Northern Rhodesia, 1900-70'.
  • 2010: Dr Aashish Velkar (London School of Economics) 'Markets, standards and measurements in 19th-century British economy'.
  • 2009: Dr Jonathan Healey (University of Oxford) 'Marginality and Misfortune: poverty and social welfare in Lancashire, c.1630-1760'.
  • 2008: Dr Danielle van de Heuvel (University of Cambridge) 'Women and Entrepreneurship: female traders in the Northern Netherlands, c. 1580-1815'.

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