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Published Date:
06 Jan, 2020


What is an EHS Student Ambassador?

EHS Student Ambassadors are postgraduate students who represent the EHS at their institution and within their wider academic networks. Ambassadors will serve for the duration of their PhD studies. With the support of the two student members of the EHS Council and the EHS Administrative Secretary, Ambassadors will facilitate communication between the Society and students interested in economic and/or social history. The role of the Ambassador is an important part in the maintenance and further development of the Society’s engagement with students. Becoming an EHS Student Ambassador is a fantastic opportunity that helps postgraduate research students get involved with the larger community of economic and social historians.

What does the role entail?

  • Active engagement with the Society through social media (Twitter and Facebook), sharing information and opportunities in your institution and across your own networks.  This includes grants, CFPs, research presentations and skills development.  Ambassadors will not be required to generate their own announcements or publicity materials; they will instead receive support, instruction, and periodic reminders from the EHS which they can then disseminate through their own networks.
  • Attendance at the EHS Annual Conference (supported by a bursary; an application form will be provided on request), and engagement with Society events throughout the year, if possible.
  • Representing the EHS at events and inductions at your institution.
  • Fostering interest and engagement with the EHS, and economic and social history more broadly.
  • Active engagement with the student members of the EHS Council in regards to your activities as an ambassador.
  • Whilst the role does not require a large time commitment, it is vital that Ambassadors are committed to sharing the information that is passed on to them, and that they are active members of the EHS student community.  The two student members of Council will monitor Ambassador activity, and be in regular contact with all Ambassadors.


  • Postgraduate students, entering their second or third year of study, with an interest in economic and/or social history.
  • Strongly involved with, and networks effectively within, department at home institution, e.g. actively participates in department seminars, is aware of key contacts within the department.
  • An active Twitter account from which information and opportunities can be shared.
  • Prior experience with EHS not required, but desirable.


  • Free student membership of the EHS while serving as an Ambassador (this will come into effect by May 2020).
  • Eligibility to apply for grants and funding as members of the EHS.
  • A bursary to support their attendance at the EHS Annual Conference while serving as a Student Ambassador (an application form must be completed).
  • Networking opportunities within the EHS, and a chance to gain visibility within their department.
  • Academic service, publicity, and organisational experience for their CV.
  • The opportunity to be involved in a yearly student-focused workshop (i.e planning, running or attendance), and potentially smaller workshops

If you are interested in becoming an EHS Student Ambassador, please send an email with your Name, Institution, CV, Supervisor Name, date when you expect to finish your PhD, and a 250-word statement to: Maureen Galbraith.

The statement should outline your current and past involvements in economic and/or social history, including any relevant activities in your department, and/or with the EHS, and/or economic and social history more generally, and should describe why you would be an effective Student Ambassador.

A list of current student ambassadors can be found here.

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