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Obituary: Historian of the Regions - Philip Ollerenshaw, 1953-2020

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As usual, our conversation ended in laughter. I had just been talking to Phil Ollerenshaw about one of the more recalcitrant contributors to Ulster Since 1600, a book Phil and I were editing for Oxford University Press back in 2012. Our modus operandi was if there was a serious point to be exchanged or a humorous wayward thought to be indulged, then the latter should always take precedence. After all, serious points could be visited later while a good anecdote or light-hearted aside might be lost forever.

European Macro History Online Seminars

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The Graduate Institute and a consortium of sixteen other universities are launching a Europe-wide virtual seminar in Macroeconomic History. At a time when general confinement has led to university closures and widespread cancellations of seminar series, workshops and conferences, this initiative aims to keep the flow of intellectual debate active.

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