New Researchers' Papers 2003

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Friday 4 April 2003

1400-1530 New Researchers Session I (4 parallel sessions)

IA: Aspects of Early Commercialisation

The characteristics of creditors and debtors and the role of credit in rural England, c.1291-1380

Christopher Briggs (University of Cambridge)

Merchant adventurer or Jack of all Trades? The Suffolk clothier in the 1460s

Nicholas R Amor

Structural changes in Scottish foreign trade in the early 17th century

Jennifer Watson (University of Edinburgh)

IB: Eighteenth Century Economic Thought and Government

To have or to have not: state finance of the Swiss Republic of Berne in the 18th century

Stefan Altorfer (University of Berne)

Luxury and economics in 18th century Britain and France: the cases of George Berkeley and Richard Cantillon

Scott Breuninger (Concordia College, USA)

IC: Imperial Trade

Financing business in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan: the case of the Sudan Plantations Syndicate, 1904-13

Simon Mollan (University of Durham)

Free trade and the pursuit of hegemony: imperial Britain in global rubber markets, 1860-1922

Emma Reisz (University of Cambridge)

ID: Market Structure and the Firm

Demographic profile of clothing consumers: fashion and the mass consumer society in Britain, c.1950-2001

Shinobu Majima (University of Oxford)

British Leyland not keeping up with the Jones’: competition and survival in the UK car market, 1971-98

James Walker (London School of Economics)

The MBA in Britain

Joanne Workman (University of Sussex)

1600-1730 New Researchers Session II (4 parallel sessions)

IIA: Early Modern Communities

Marrying miners: nuptiality and household formation in a Somerset coalmining community, 1700-1851

Rhiannon Evans (University of Cambridge)

Occupationally specific prenuptial pregnancy in early modern England: the case of Gainsborough, 1564-1812

Peter Kitson (University of Cambridge)

The leather industry in early modern Macclesfield: the probate evidence

Paul Knight (University of Liverpool)

IIB: Welfare and the State

Clothing the poor in Suffolk and Kent during the late 16th and 17th century

Susan Mee

Not granted until you appear leaner’: administrative corruption and the payment of rent by the Old Poor Law in Bolton

Robert Dryburgh (University of Oxford)

Means testing under the British welfare state: did it narrow or widen social divisions?

Lavinia Mitton (London School of Economics)

Voluntarism, psychiatry and the social entrepreneur: RD Laing and the business of the sixties

Ian Carthy (University of Glasgow)

IIC: Government and Society From the Later Nineteenth Century

Intellectual property, corporate monopoly and judge-made law: the telephone patents in Britain and the USA 1880-94

Christopher Beauchamp (University of Cambridge)

Networks of power in the British police and fire services, c.1870-1938

Shane Ewen (University of Leicester)

Limited liability on trial: the commercial crisis of 1866 and its aftermath

James Taylor (Institute of Historical Research)

IID: Modern Growth of Small Economies

Rationing currency as a tradable asset. Illegal trade in coupons in The Netherlands under German occupation

Ralf Futselaar (Netherlands Institute for War Documentation)

The TFPG controversy and economic growth in Portugal in the postwar period, 1953-73

Luciano Amaral (University of Lisbon)

With all diligence due: where did all the savings go? Singapore’s investment pattern, 1965-99

Greg Hopf (London School of Economics)

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