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Power Fellowship: Mark Hay (King’s College London)
The matriarchs of Amsterdam high finance: Female financial management and the consolidation national re-orientation of the Amsterdam capital market, 1813-50

Postan Fellowship: Hannah Robb (Manchester)
Arbitration and credit in the Ecclesiastical Courts of York

Tawney Fellowship: Hannah Young (Huddersfield)
Gender, family and British slave-ownership

Anniversary Fellowship: David Hope (Newcastle)
Britain and the fur trade: Companies, commerce, and consumers in the North-Atlantic world, 1783-1821


Power Fellowship: Angela Muir (Cardiff)
Deviant maternity: Illegitimacy in eighteenth-century Wales 

Postan Fellowship: Irene Bavuso (Oxford)
Political and economic development on frontiers: the Scheldt-Meuse Paradigm 

Tawney Fellowship: Meng Wu (LSE)
Cooperation or confrontation? A comparative study of Chinese modern banks and foreign banks in China, 1912-37

Anniversary Fellowship: Rebecca Simson (LSE)
Social mobility in postcolonial Africa


Power Fellowship: Charmian Mansell (Exeter)
A new history of female service in early modern England, 1550-1650

Postan Fellowship: Joseph Harley (Sussex)
Life in the English workhouse, c.1690-1834

Tawney Fellowship: Gary Luk (Cambridge)
Water borders: ethnicities, empires, and trades in late Imperial and Modern China’s Littorals

Anniversary Fellowship: Karolina Hutkova (LSE)
British political economy and the nineteenth-century Bengal silk industry


Power Fellowship: John Morgan (Exeter)
Financing flood security in eastern England, 1567-1826

Postan Fellowship: Paul Kreitman (SOAS)
Economic and social dimensions of sovereignty in the North Pacific, 1861-1965

Tawney Fellowship: Judy Stephenson (Cambridge)
Occupation and labour market institutions in London 1600-1800

Anniversary Fellowship: Alice Dolan (UCL)
Re-fashioning the working class: mechanisation and materiality in England 1800-56


Power Fellowship: Pamela Schievenin (Glasgow)
Being a working woman in a Catholic country: work and identity in post-war Italy, 1945-70

Postan Fellowship: Jordan Claridge (Cambridge)
Managing milk, making a living: dairying and dairypeople in medieval England c.1250-1450

Tawney Fellowship: Caroline Nielsen (UCL)
Disabled by the state: the Pensioners of the Chest at Chatham and their communities, 1660-1807

Anniversary Fellowship: Natacha Postel-Vinay (Warwick)
Financial stability and deposit insurance in developed economies, 1920-present


Power Fellowship: Amanda Wilkinson (Essex)
Invisible workers? The recording of women’s occupations in the Victorian censuses

Postan Fellowship: Ling Fan Li (LSE)
The stop of Exchequer: was English domestic and international credit market disintegrated?

Tawney Fellowship: Maria Waldinger (LSE)
How does the effect of climate on economic growth change in an industrialising world? Evidence from variation in temperature changes and industrialisation in Europe, 1500-1950

Anniversary Fellowship: David Churchill (Birkbeck College, London)
Crime, commerce and security in nineteenth-century England


Power Fellowship: Jennifer Aston (Birmingham)
Feckless fraudsters or feeble failures? Female bankruptcy in Victorian and Edwardian England

Postan Fellowship: Alex Brown (Durham)
Estate management and institutional constraints in rural economic development in the north of England, 1400-1640

Tawney Fellowship: James Bowen (Lancaster)
Contrasting commons: cottagers, common land and common right in pre-industrial England and Wales

Anniversary Fellowship: James Boyd (Cardiff)
The costs of German economic unification

Power Fellowship: Justin Colson (RHUL)
Neighbourhoods, networks and trades: local society in London, c.1400-1540

Postan Fellowship: Katerina Galani (Oxford)
From Constantinople to the City of London: Greek merchant bankers, 1820-80

Tawney Fellowship: Carry van Lieshout (KCL)
The eighteenth-century water market: natural resources, market institutions and mediating distance

Anniversary Fellowship: Eric Golson (Oxford)
Dictatorship over food? The causes of the Spanish famine, 1939-59

EHS Fellowship: David Pretel (Cambridge)
Crossing empires: foreign patenting activities in the Spanish Caribbean plantation economy, 1850-1902

Power Fellowship: Ceri-Anne Fidler (Cardiff)
Lascars, c.1850-1950: The lives and identities of Indian seafarers in Imperial Britain

Postan Fellowship: Niels van Manen (York)
The Climbing Boy Campaigns: new perspectives on governance, medicine and childhood in Britain, c.1770-1840

Tawney Fellowship: Siobhan Talbott (St Andrews) (Until December 2010)
'Every man lives by exchanging': The British commercial dynamic on the French Atlantic Coast, c.1603-1707

Tawney Fellowship: Mark Hailwood (Warwick) (From April 2011)
Alehouses and sociability in seventeenth-century England

Anniversary Fellowship: Alison Gilmour (Glasgow)
Examining the 'hard-boiled bunch': Work culture and industrial relations at the Linwood car plant, c.1963-81

Power Fellowship: Rebecca Oakes (Winchester)
Mortality and life expectancy: Winchester College and New College, Oxford c. 1393 - c. 1540

Postan Fellowship: Alexandra Sapoznik (Cambridge)
English peasant agriculture in the fourteenth century

Tawney Fellowship: Koji Yamamoto (York)
The culture of projecting in seventeenth- and early eighteenth-century England: distrust, innovations, and public service

Anniversary Fellowship: Amy Lloyd (Cambridge)
Popular perceptions of emigration in Britain

Power Fellowship: Bronach Kane (York)
Memory and gender in the late medieval church courts of York

Postan Fellowship: Aashish Velkar (LSE)
Markets, standards and transactions: measurements in the nineteenth century British economy

Tawney Fellowship: Henry Meier (Birkbeck)
Smallpox in Stuart London: causes and effects of an emerging disease

Anniversary Fellowship: Stuart Sweeney (Oxford)
Indian railways in the period of high imperialism, 1875-1914: war, famine and gentlemanly capitalism

Power Fellowship: Ayowa Afrifa Taylor (LSE)
An economic history of the Ashanti Goldfields Corporation, 1895-2004: land, labour, capital, enterprise

Postan Fellowship: Mark Smith (School of Slavonic and East European Studies)
Rubble to Communism: the urban housing programme in the Soviet Union, 1944-64

Tawney Fellowship: Jonathan Healey (Oxford)
Marginality and misfortune: poverty and social welfare in Lancashire, c.1630-1760

Anniversary Fellowship: Katie Barclay (Glasgow)
Marital relationships in Scotland, 1650-1850

Power Fellowship: Gagan Sood (Paul Mellon Centre)
Eurasia and the transition to modernity: the framework of mercantile relations; a cross-cultural trade in the Arabian Sea region, c.1730-90

Postan Fellowship: Natalya Chernyshova (KCL)
Shopping with Brezhnev: Soviet urban consumer culture, 1964-85

Tawney Fellowship: Nicole Robertson (Nottingham)*
The impact of the co-operative movement on communities in the Midlands, 1914-60

*Monograph published 2010: The Cooperative Movement and Communities in Britain, 1914-60

Power Fellowship: Matthew Stevens (Aberystwyth)
Race, gender and wealth in a medieval Welsh borough: access to capital, market participation and status in Ruthin, 1312-22

Postan Fellowship: Emma Jones (RHUL)
Abortion in England, 1861-1967

Tawney Fellowship: Miatta Fahnbulleh (LSE)
The elusive quest for industrialisation in Africa: a comparative study of Ghana and Kenya, c.1950-2000

Power Fellowship: Philadelphia Ricketts (Liverpool)
A comparison of widows’ power, property and family strategies in Iceland and Yorkshire in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries

Postan Fellowship: Mark Rothery (Exeter)
The social transformation of a traditional elite in modern England: the landed gentry of Devon, Lincolnshire and Hertfordshire c.1870-1939

Tawney Fellowship: Abigail Wills (Cambridge)
Making citizens: reforming the juvenile delinquent, England 1950-70

Postan Fellowship: Tracy Denison (Cambridge)
The extent of commerce and the land market within Russian serfdom, a detailed case study

Power Fellowship: James Walker (LSE)
The decline of the British motor industry: product design, advertising and gender

Tawney Fellowship: Matteo Rizzo (SOAS)
Re-evaluation of the long term influence of the Ground Nuts Scheme in southern Tanzania

Anniversary Fellowship: Christopher Beauchamp (Cambridge)
The institutional and legal framework constituting the politics of the telephone industry in Britain and the US

Power Fellowship: Julie Marfany (Cambridge)
Industrialisation and demographic change in Catalonia, 1680-1829

Postan Fellowship: Ben Dodds (Durham)
Using tithe evidence to consider shifts in agrarian output between the peasant and demesne sectors between the Tyne and Tees, 1350-1450

Tawney Fellowship: James Taylor (Kent, Canterbury)
‘Wealth makes worship’: attitudes to joint stock enterprise in British law, politics, and culture, c.1800-c.1870

Anniversary Fellowship: Sakis Gekas (Essex)
The merchant elite of the Ionian Islands under British rule, 1815-64

Power Fellowship: Rosemary Elliot (Glasgow)
Smoking and social identity among women in the twentieth century

Postan Fellowship: Martin Rorke (Edinburgh)
Scottish overseas trade, 1275/86-1597

Tawney Fellowship: James Davis (Cambridge)
The perceptions and reality of traders and commercialisation in medieval Suffolk, 1350-1450


Power Fellowship: Susan Wright (Sheffield Hallam)
Mass tourism as an individual experience: a history of package tourism, 1950-90

Postan Fellowship (split between 2 candidates):
(1) Ilaria Meliconi (Oxford)
From tools to machines and from workshop to factory: industrialisation in British scientific instruments, 1862-1900
(2) Mar Rubio (LSE)
The inclusion of resource depletion into measures of economic performance. Oil depletion in Mexico and Venezuela along the twentieth century

Tawney Fellowship: Jerome Destombes (LSE)
Inherited deprivation in a changing savanna. Poverty traps in north-eastern Ghana, c.1930-90

Power Fellowship: Helen Macnaughtan (LSE)
The female workforce in post-war Japan 1955-75: the case of the cotton textile industry

Postan Fellowship: Tanya Evans (Goldsmiths, London)
Unmarried motherhood in eighteenth century London

Tawney Fellowship: Mark Freeman (Glasgow)
The history of social investigation in Britain 1870-1914, with special reference to rural life

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