Published Online:
11 Feb 2008
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 37 Issue 3

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Book reviewed in this article GREAT BRITAIN Barry Coward. The Stanleys, Lords Stanley and Earls of Derby, 1385‐1672: The Origins, Wealth, and Power of a Landowning Family. Paul Slack (Ed.). Rebellion, Popular Protest, and the Social Order in Early Modern England. R. M. Mitchison. Lordship to Patronage: Scotland, 1603‐1745. Istvan Hont and Michael Ignatieff Sydney Checkland. British Public Policy, 1776‐1939: An Economic, Social, and Political Perspective. Robert Glen. Urban Workers in the Early Industrial Revolution. R. D. Anderson, Education and Opportunity in Victorian Scotland: Schools and Universities. Norio Tamaki. The Life Cycle of the Union Bank of Scotland, 1830‐1954. G. Stedman Jones. Languages of Class: Studies in English Working Class History, 1832‐1982. Takao Matsumura. The Labour Aristocracy Revisited: The Victorian Flint Glass Makers, 1850‐80. Michael Edelstein. Overseas Investment in the Age of High Imperialism: The United Kingdom, 1850‐1914. T. A. B. Corley. A History of the Burmah Oil Company, 1886‐1924. Robert J. Waller. The Dukeries Transformed: The Social and Political Development of a Twentieth‐Century Coalfield. R. C. Whiting. The View from Cowley: The Impact of Industrialization upon Oxford, 1918‐1939. Forrest Capie. Depression and Protectionism: Britain Between the Wars. Alec Cairncross and Barry Eichengreen. Sterling in Decline: The Devaluations of 1931, 1949, and 1967. GENERAL Joel Mokyr. Why Ireland Starved: A Quantitative and Analytical History of the Irish Economy, 1800‐1850. Linda Martz. Poverty and Welfare in Habsburg Spain: The Example of Toledo. Jean‐Pierre Poussou. Bordeaux et le sud‐ouest au XVIIIe siècle: croissance économique et attraction urbaine. Michele Saint Marc. Histoire Monetaire de la France, 1800‐1980. Ginette Kurgan Van Hentenrijk. Rail, finance et politique: les entreprise Philippart, 1865‐1890. Arno Herzig, Dieter Langewiesche and Arnold Sywottek L. Cornell. The Sawmill Workers of the Sundsvall District, 1860‐1890. Gregory Guroff and Fred Carstensen Allen Kaufman. Capitalism, Slavery, and Republican Values: Antebellum Political Economists, 1819‐1848. Nathaniel. H. Leff. Underdevelopment and Development in Brazil. Vol. I: Economic Structure and Change, 1822‐1947. Barbara Weinstein. The Amazon Rubber Boom, 1850‐1920. B. R. Mitchell. International Historical Statistics: The Americas and Australasia. Karl De Schweinitz Jr. The Rise and Fall of British India: Imperialism as Inequality. Kay Saunders(Ed.). Indentured Labour in the British Empire, 1834‐1920. Maxine Berg, Pat Hudson and Michael Sonenscher Jean Meyer. Etudes sur les villes en Europe occidentale A. Lottin, J.‐P. Poussou, H. Soly, B. Vogler, and Ad. van der Woude. Etudes sur les villes en Europe occidentale M. L. Ryder. Sheep and Man. David S. Landes. Revolution in Time: Clocks and the Making of the Modern World James Foreman‐Peck. A History of the World Economy: International Economic Relations since 1850.

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