Book Reviews

Published Online:
28 Jun 2008
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 54 Issue 4

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Great Britain and Ireland

Bruce M. S. Campbell, English seigniorial agriculture

Angus J. L.Winchester, The harvest of the hills: rural life in northern England and the Scottish borders

Keith Wrightson, Earthly necessities: economic lives in early modern Britain

Michael Zell, ed., Early modern Kent, 1540–1640

Peter Clark, ed., The Cambridge urban history of Britain, II: 1540–1840

Tim Meldrum, Domestic service and gender, 1660–1750: life and work in the London household

Julian Hoppit, A land of liberty? England, 1689–1727

Jon Stobart and Alastair Owens, eds., Urban fortunes: property and inheritance in the town, 1700–1900

Hilary Young, English porcelain, 1745–95: its makers, design, marketing and consumption

Joan Lane, A social history of medicine: health, healing and disease in England, 1750–1950

Irene Maver, Glasgow

David Brooke, ed., The diary of William Mackenzie: the first international railway contractor

Matthew Hilton, Smoking in British popular culture, 1800–2000

Donald M. MacRaild and David E. Martin, Labour in British society, 1830–1914

Eric Hopkins, Industrialisation and society: a social history, 1830–1951

R. L. Greenhall, The making of Victorian Salford

E. J. T. Collins, ed., The agrarian history of England and Wales, VII: 1850–1914

Royden J. Harrison, The life and times of Sidney and Beatrice Webb, 1858–1905: the formative years

Anne Hardy, Health and medicine in Britain since 1860

Michael Moss, J. Forbes Munro, and Richard H. Trainor, University, city and state: the University of Glasgow since 1870


David J. Mattingly and John Salmon, eds., Economies beyond agriculture in the classical world

R. I. Moore, The first European revolution, c. 970–1215

Sandra Cavallo and Lyndan Warner, eds., Widowhood in medieval and early modern Europe

Ross B. Emmett, ed., Great bubbles: reactions to the South Sea Bubble, the Mississippi scheme and the tulip mania affair

B. W. De Vries, Of mettle and metal: from court Jews to world‐wide industrialists

Thomas Thorburn, The economics of transport: the Swedish case, 1780–1980

Michael R. Haines and Richard H. Steckel, eds., A population history of North America

David Eltis, Stephen D. Behrendt, David Richardson, and Herbert S. Klein, eds., The trans‐Atlantic slave trade: a database on CD‐Rom

Stanley L. Engerman and Robert E. Gallman, eds., The Cambridge economic history of the United States, II: the long nineteenth century

Russell Johnston, Selling themselves: the emergence of Canadian advertising

Amiya Kumar Bagchi, ed., Economy and organization: Indian institutions under the neoliberal regime

Robert Bickers and Christian Henriot, eds., New frontiers: imperialism's new communities in east Asia, 1842–1953

Carl Mosk, Japanese industrial history: technology, urbanization, and economic growth

Mikio Sumiya, ed., A history of Japanese trade and industry policy

David R. Meyer, Hong Kong as a global metropolis

Silvia Marzagalli and Hubert Bonin, eds., Négoce, ports et océans, XVIe–XXe siècles: mélanges offerts à Paul Butel

Pier Angelo Toninelli, ed., The rise and fall of state‐owned enterprise in the western world

Rosa‐Maria Gelpi and François Julien‐Labruyère, The history of consumer credit doctrines and practices

David S. Evans and Richard Schmalensee, Paying with plastic: the digital revolution in buying and borrowing

Israel M. Kirzner, The driving force of the market: essays in Austrian economics

Blackwell Publishers Ltd. 2001

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