Book reviews

Published Online:
22 Jan 2003
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 53 Issue 2

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Books reviewed:

Colonisation and conquest in medieval Ireland: the English in Louth, 1170‐1330, Marie Therese Flanagan

The household knights of King John, Peter Coss

Thirteenth‐century England, VII: proceedings of the Durham conference 1997, Brendan Smith

Hertfordshire lay subsidy rolls: 1307 and 1334, Phillipp R. Schofield

The great household in late medieval England, Anne Curry

The lay subsidy for Shropshire, 1524‐7, John S. Moore

Theatre, finance and society in early modern England, Craig Muldrew

British identities before nationalism: ethnicity and nationhood in the Atlantic world, 1600‐1800, D. W. Hayton

History of work and labour relations in the royal dockyards, Chris Wrigley

Gentlemanly capitalism and British imperialism: the new debate on empire, Simon C. Smith

Irish migrants in modern Britain, 1750‐1922, Graham Davis

Land reform and working‐class experience in Britain and the United States, 1800‐1862, Rohan McWilliam

Black ’47 and beyond: the Great Irish Famine in history, economy and memory, Philip Ollerensha

The hungry stream: essays on emigration and famine, Patrick O’Sullivan

Crimes of outrage: sex, violence and Victorian working women, Megan Doolittle

The problem of mental deficiency: eugenics, democracy, and social policy in Britain, c. 1870‐1959, Joseph Melling

Phoenix Assurance and the development of British insurance, II: the era of the insurance giants, 1870‐1984, Edwin Green

Capitalism, community and conflict: the south Wales coalfield, 1898‐ 1947, Sian Rhiannon williams

‘Millions like us’?: British culture in the Second World War, Dave Russell

Anticipating total war: the German and American experiences, 1871‐1914, Robin Clifton

Fifty years of the Deutsche Mark: central bank and the currency in Germany since 1948, Catherine R. Schenk

The Venetian money market: banks, panics, and the public debt, 1200‐1500, David Abulafia

Guilds, markets and work regulations in Italy, 16th‐19th centuries, Iorwerth Prothero

The economy and material culture of Russia, 1600‐1725, Jeremy Black

Food and eating in medieval Europe, Jane Whittle

Art markets in Europe, 1400‐1800, Malcolm Falkus

Shaping history: ordinary people in European politics, 1500‐1700, Dagmar Freist

Cathedrals of consumption: the Euro‐pean department store, 1850‐1939, Michael Miller

Technological revolutions in Europe: historical perspectives, Gillian Cookson

Contagion and the state in Europe, 1830‐1930, Roger Davidson

Merchants, companies and trade: Europe and Asia in the early modern era, H. V. Bowen

Consumers against capitalism? Consumer cooperation in Europe, North America, and Japan, 1840‐1990, Sean O’Connell

Getting and spending: European and American consumer societies in the twentieth century, Gareth Shaw

Eastside landmark: a history of the East Los Angeles Community Union, 1968‐1993, Marci R. Green

The Atlantic slave trade, Madge Dresser

Montpelier, Jamaica: a plantation community in slavery and freedom, 1739‐1912, J. R. Oldfield

Searching for a better society: the Peruvian economy from 1950, Paulo Drinot

An agrarian history of south Asia (The new Cambridge history of India, IV: 4), David Arnold

Development planning in India: exploring an alternative approach, Terence J. Byres

The premodern Chinese economy: structural equilibrium and capitalist sterility, David W. Clayton

Tigers, rice, silk, and silt: environment and economy in late imperial south China, Philip Richardson

Technology and gender: fabrics of power in late imperial China, David W. Clayton

Mercantilism in a Japanese domain: the merchant origins of economic nationalism in eighteenth‐century Tosa, John F. Wilson

Japan and Singapore in the world economy: Japan’s economic advance into Singapore, 1870‐1965, Nicholas J. White

Africa works: disorder as political instrumentdouglas rimmer

The wealth of nations, John Glassford

Adam Smith’s daughters: eight prominent women economists from the eighteenth century to the present, Jane Howells

The foundations of laissez‐faire: the economics of Pierre de Boisguilbert, A. W. Bob Coats

Secret origins of modern micro‐economics: Dupuit and the engineers, Richard Whatmore

The state, the financial system and economic modernization, Duncan M. Ross

Fabricating the Keynesian revolution: studies of the inter‐war literature on money, the cycle and unemployment, Roger Middleton

The city in time and space, Helen Meller

The theory of innovation: entrepreneurs, technology and strategy, G. N. von Tunzelman

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