Book Reviews

Published Online:
28 Jun 2008
Volume/Issue No:
Volume 51 Issue 2

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Broad, John and Hoyle, Richard, eds. Bernwood

Adams, S. ed. Household accounts and disbursement books of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester

Backhouse, Marcel The Flemish and Walloon communities at Sandwich during the reign of Elizabeth I

Stewart, Richard W. The English Ordnance Office, 1585–1625

Wrigley, E.A., Schofield, R.S., Davies, R.S., & Oeppen, J.E. English population history from family reconstitution

Grell, Ole Peter Calvinist exiles in Tudor and Stuart England

Dobson, Mary J. Contours of death and disease in early modern England

Lane, Joan Apprenticeship in England

Floud, Roderick The people and the British economy

Mandler, Peter The fall and rise of the stately home

Davis, John R. Britain and the German Zollverein

Crafts, Nicholas Britain's relative economic decline

Hendrick, Harry Children, childhood and English society

Short, Brian Land and society in Edwardian Britain

Webster, P The health services since the war, II

Digby, Ann and Stewart, John, eds. Gender, health and welfare

Van Ark, Bark, & Crafts, Nicholas, eds. Quantitative aspects of post‐war economic growth

Oliver, Michael J. Whatever happened to monetarism?

Bonneuil, Noel Transformation of the French demographic landscape

Shapiro, Ann‐Louise Breaking the codes

Kranakis, Eda Constructing a bridge

Groote, Peter Infrastructure and Dutch economic development

Patriarca, Silvana Numbers and nationhood

Muir, Edward Ritual in early modern Europe

Crossick, Geoffrey, ed. The artisan and the European town

Aldcroft, Derek H. Studies in the interwar European economy

Paquette, Robert L., & Engerman, Stanley L., eds. The Lesser Antilles in the age of European expansion

Johnson, Howard The Bahamas from slavery to servitude

Bernstein, Paul American work values

Beab, Jonathan J. Beyond the broker state

Muirhead, Stuart Crisis banking in the East

Sako, Mari, & Sato, Hiroki, eds. Japanese management and labour in transition

Frederico, Giovanni An economic history of the silk industry

Todd, Jan Colonial technology

Ausubel, Jesse H., & Langford, H. Dale, eds. Technological trajectories and the human environment

Steckel, Richard H., & Floud, Roderick eds. Health and welfare during industrialisation

Cunningham, Andrew & Andrews, Bridie eds. Western medicine as contested knoledge

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